For the past 15 years, Duke Properties has successfully delivered investors compelling returns on their capital through the acquisition and ownership of real estate within 90 miles of New York City, and the optimization of our properties’ value. Our focus is multifamily residential real estate, and we own and manage several hundred units in the New York metro area. We currently concentrate on emerging markets where we can maximize properties’ utility and create positive cash flow.

Multifamily Focus

Our investment focus is the multifamily property sector, specifically rental apartments.
Rental housing has a long-term track record of providing stable income and superior investment performance. It currently is benefiting from strong tenant demand arising from favorable demographics, with the 80-million-strong Millennial generation entering young adulthood and their prime years as apartment residents.
We identify multifamily acquisition opportunities where we can unlock value through a myriad of strategies, including institutional management, asset rehabilitation, re-positioning and creative recapitalization. We currently hold investments in more than 500 multifamily apartment units across 30 properties primarily located in New York and New Jersey.


A core part of our strategy is investing in emerging neighborhoods in New York City. These are areas that are at the beginning stages or poised to experience accelerated growth in demand for housing, amenities, new retail and services. These neighborhoods are seeing exciting changes every day. We have invested in Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and Bushwick; Ridgewood, Queens; and parts of Upper Manhattan such as Harlem and Hamilton Heights. We continue to focus on areas of the real estate market where we see lots of potential growth and upside. Being part of furthering the development of these neighborhoods is an exciting part of our business.

Investment Strategy

“Too Small for the Big Guy, Too Big for the Small Guy”

We typically target assets made up of 35 units or less, and often as small as 6 units. We focus on properties at price points below $25 million.
The strategies we employ to improve and create value require significant investments per unit in time, money and energy. Large operators often have the capital but are unwilling to put in the time and energy for the return on smaller transactions. Small operators often do not have sufficient capital, time or energy, not to mention knowledge or strategies, to sustain profitability. There is also a significant amount of private and public capital seeking larger deals ($20 million and above), putting upward pressure on prices for larger properties and creating market inefficiencies for smaller ones.
This is our core focus. Being expert investors and operators of smaller multifamily assets in developing areas of New York city neighborhoods.